Tournament barefoot waterskiing comprises of up to three events, slalom, trick and jump. It is fast, precise, and highly skilful. Coupled with speeds of up to 72km/h it produces an exciting experience for both spectators and competitors alike. It is run under the rules set out by the World Barefoot Council.


Slalom Event -  Competitors are judged on 2 x 15 second passes during which they cross back and forth across the boat wash in either a forward or backward skiing position as many times as possible.  Scoring is done in relation to one or foot crosses and the competitors skiing position either forwards or backward.

Ethan Flack

Trick Event – Competitors are judged on 2 x 15 second passes during which they demonstrate as many tricks as possible in either or both a forward or backward skiing position with each trick only scoring once. The competitor is also scored on their starting tricks which do not form part of the 15 second pass. The scores from each pass are tallied and added together to give each individual’s trick score.

Ben Press

Jump Event – Skiers are towed in a straight line at a maximum speed of 72km/h towards the jump. Competitors ski over the jump and take off in either a traditional or inverted position. Competitors are judged on the overall distance of their jump, measured by video computer software. The distance is measured from the front of the jump to where the skier has made first contact with the water. The skier must successfully regain barefoot skiing position in order for the jump to be successful.

 Cameron Smith