Waterski and Wakeboard Australia


The Queensland Barefoot Club is associated with the Waterski and Wakeboard Australia (WAWA). Our members must hold membership with Waterski and Wakeboard Australia to compete or officiate.

Membership period is from 1st October to 30th September each year. Follow the link below to join WAWA.

  • Family - A family membership is defined as a married or de facto couple and their junior children under 21 as at July 1st
  • Adult- Single person over 21 as at July 1st
  • Under 21- Single person over 18 and under 21 as at July 1st
  • Junior-  Single person under 18 at July 1st
  • Non Skiing Official- A person involved in the sport as an administrator, judge or similar who will not be competing in the current season.
  • Introductory Membership- Is a special first year membership available to new members or those who are rejoining after three or more years absence. Introductory members cannot compete at state, national or international competitions. However, membership may be upgraded at any time. (Includes Introductory Family)
  • Transition Membership- Is offered as an incentive for introductory members to renew their second year membership at a reduced rate during their transition from introductory to full membership. Transition members may compete at state titles, but not at a higher level event. However, membership may be upgraded at any time. (Includes Transition Family)
  • Social Membership- Previously called “Day Membership” and is predominantly for ‘Come & Try’ skiers. Social members may compete at club tournaments by invitation, but results are not recorded. The aim of this category is for the social skiers to join and receive selected benefits of WAWA membership while at the same time taking the opportunity to “Come and Try” one of the disciplines. (Barefoot, Tournament, (Slalom, Trick, Jump) Wakeboard, Disabled and Show Ski) This can be used only once and is for two days. There is no Personal accident Insurance in this category.

* Please note a Social Member is not able to hold WAWA administative positions or officiate at Tournaments, and will not be recognized as a Full Member of the WAWA for Club Insurance reasons. Non Skiing Official is required as a minimum for this criteria.

Click here to go directly to the join/renew page on the Waterski and Wakeboard Australia site.

WAWA Federation documents CLICK HERE they include:

Membership Form

Membership Categories

WAWA Member Protection Policy revised 2015

AWWF Policy book 2014

AWWF Anti Doping Policy Jan 2015

AWWF Constitution 2014

AWWF Division-Terms of Delegation 2015

National Squad/Team Member Agreement - Anti Doping

Anti Doping Document for National Representative Team Squads

World Anti Doping Code International Standard Prohibited List

AWWF Match Fixing Policy and associated code of conduct

AWWF Chaperone Policy 2014

AWWF Coaching Accreditation